We believe that how we conduct business and how all employees act in fulfilling their job responsibilities are fundamental to achieving our vision to build a team-based culture of excellence that responsibly delivers sustainable value and growth.

While Boroo’s ultimate objective is to deliver value to our stakeholders, integrity and ethics will be the foundation for everything we do. In endeavoring to achieve our vision we will follow our core values of:

Win As a Team

  • Committed and highly engaged.
  • Recognize contributions and efforts of each team member.
  • Results focused.

Be Responsible Miners

  • Meet all government regulation and internal governance standards.
  • Ensure actively and transparently engage our people and the communities around us.
  • Minimize the potential for adverse impacts that may arise from our operations to levels as low as reasonably achievable, taking into account social and economic factors.

Strive for Continuous Improvement

  • Continually improve the management of our operations so we may respond to the economic, environmental and social expectations of our stakeholders, including our employees, communities, shareholders, governments and the public.
  • Challenge the status quo, embrace the change and search for new ways to grow our business.

Deliver Results

  • Strive for operational excellence, safe production and be accountable for our results.
  • Be a leading performer among our peers with regard to shareholder value, business ethics, workplace safety, environmental protection and community economic development.

We believe our strong commitment to our vision and these values will continue to make Boroo the employer of choice and the business partner of choice by governments, state-owned enterprises and special interest groups in the countries we operate in. As an international company, we respect the different needs and values of people and their cultures and operate with a high level of transparency to ensure stakeholder confidence.