Local communities are satisfied with Boroo Gold’s afforestation and pasture management projects

Boroo Gold company has implemented two projects within the context of its offset program in 2018-2022. One is a project to develop forest cover in Bortolgoi area, while the other aims to improve pasture management in Dorgont area of Kharaa bag, Bayangol soum of Selenge aimag. In the context of the offset program,  familiarization tours were undertaken on on Wednesday, August 28 for local communities, looking at promoting the importance of the pasture ecosystem through sustainable management, habitat restoration and environmental rehabilitation through forest restoration on abandoned agricultural land. 

Mr. Byambaa M, deputy governor of the soum said during the event ‘Boroo Gold company is the leading responsible mining company. These projects, implemented in the context of its offset program, has shown us how rehabilitate successfully and also how herders can cooperate effectively and work together to use pasture efficiently. It is so nice to see how these abandoned areas in Bortolgoi are being improved by day by day.’ 

Communities first visited the Dorgonot area in order to understand the difference between abandoned and improved pasture, and hay pasture. The visit launched the programme for improving pasture grasslands, and to develop beekeeping and improving hayfield quality, as well as understanding differences between fenced and unfenced pasture. The quality of grasslands has declined significantly in the area due to being overused for hay cropping every year without periods of fallowing. Currently 40% of total hayfield in Dorgont are now lying fallow.  Other crops used for hay supply for herders are being cultivated in a separate 41 hectare area. 

A total of 100 citizens of from Bayangol soum, including employees of the soum’s Governor’s office and 20 herders from Mandal soum participated in the tour. 
Please view here the part of familiarization tour in the Dorgonot area, and the next post will cover the tours about the beekeeping and Bortolgoi afforestation projects.